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"Global Television Network, wholly-owned by CanWest Global Communications Corp., broadcasts over-the-air via 11 television stations, licensed in eight provinces, and reaching 94% of English-speaking Canada. "

"Global consistently scores more than half of the top ten programs in Canada, with major ratings hits such as the reality series Survivors, and sitcoms such as Friends, The Simpsons, and Will & Grace. Global's Canadian line-up includes reality series Popstars and Cirque du Soleil: Fire Within and police drama Blue Murder."

"CH is designed to appeal to an older audience than Global, targeting an upscale 25-54 viewership."

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Stargate SG1: Season 1 will start Sunday, September 7th with it's two hour pilot at 9pm. It will then move to Monday evenings at 8pm, starting Monday September 8th. To learn more, click here.

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